Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fall Patterns in the Works

Hey there! 

This last week I've been working on some new things for fall and trying out Weeks Dye Works embroidery floss. I'm digging it! The variegated effect that this hand dyed floss offers is right up my ally. I love the dimension it gives to my projects. Six strands is perfect, as I need the option to use just one strand on that little stuff. It knots up less than DMC, hardly at all really, and I like that the tones are slightly more muted... less "shiny" than DMC. The only trouble I've had is in making French knots. The knots seem to loosen up a little more than I would like. Other than that, fantastic!

Below are some of the great fall colors from Weeks. I love their names! - "Jack-O-Lantern", "Hot Rod", and "Cornbread". 

How do you transfer the pattern onto your fabric? I use a water soluble fabric pen - every time. I place my fabric on top of a light box - couldn't live without it! - and trace. The pen comes up easily with a damp cloth when I'm done.

A little more of what I'll be finishing up this week...
And on that note... HAPPY SUMMER!