Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Process

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the process of coming up with a new pattern. Something just sort of comes to me - sometimes first thing in the morning, sometimes upon seeing something beautiful in nature, and sometimes... when I look at a dishtowel! Let me explain.

Tonight I was reorganizing my work area, and came upon this dishtowel I purchased a couple of months ago. Pretty cute, right?

Well, that made me think - Hey, I like birds! Other people like birds! Right...??? So why not make a stitchery with birds! Then it's thinking about how to make those birds take shape... And I recall this recent pattern I completed called Wildflower Sampler.

And it occurs to me - that same concept would work beautifully with birds! So far so good. I take a few notes, think about nests and birdhouses and such...

And now comes my FAVORITE part - drawing! I pull up some pictures of birds on my computer. I know I want to include a robin. So I just look at hundreds of pictures of robins, remind myself what they look like, how their wings lay, how long their beaks are, and...

Ta da! A robin! Next let's try a goldfinch...

I have two more to draw. Maybe a meadowlark? Maybe a chickadee? Not sure, but I can't wait to get back to drawing!

And that's how my design process begins. Tweet tweet!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Patterns are In!

On their way from the printers, these new patterns are available this week!
#062 - Autumn Sampler

#063 - Lovely Little Fall

#064 - Merry Little Christmas

#065 - Happy Halloween!

#066 - Inside a Book
Give me a call anytime to place an order, and we will get your credit card information over the phone. These patterns will ship early next week. And click here to see all of Blueberry Backroads' patterns.

Thanks everyone and happy happy stitching!