Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Process

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the process of coming up with a new pattern. Something just sort of comes to me - sometimes first thing in the morning, sometimes upon seeing something beautiful in nature, and sometimes... when I look at a dishtowel! Let me explain.

Tonight I was reorganizing my work area, and came upon this dishtowel I purchased a couple of months ago. Pretty cute, right?

Well, that made me think - Hey, I like birds! Other people like birds! Right...??? So why not make a stitchery with birds! Then it's thinking about how to make those birds take shape... And I recall this recent pattern I completed called Wildflower Sampler.

And it occurs to me - that same concept would work beautifully with birds! So far so good. I take a few notes, think about nests and birdhouses and such...

And now comes my FAVORITE part - drawing! I pull up some pictures of birds on my computer. I know I want to include a robin. So I just look at hundreds of pictures of robins, remind myself what they look like, how their wings lay, how long their beaks are, and...

Ta da! A robin! Next let's try a goldfinch...

I have two more to draw. Maybe a meadowlark? Maybe a chickadee? Not sure, but I can't wait to get back to drawing!

And that's how my design process begins. Tweet tweet!