Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Setting up in Pittsburgh!

We made it to Pittsburgh! Tony and I drove the 14 hours from Minneapolis and really enjoyed the scenery. I had never been through this part of the US, and Ohio and Pennsylvania are gorgeous! Trees are blooming, and the weather has been beautiful. My mom flew in and met us this afternoon, and now we're getting set up for Spring International Quilt Market.

Ok so here's my booth so far - what a mess! I start with a basic idea and then just start putting things up. So consider this a "before" picture, and I'll post "after" pictures when it's all set up. Organized chaos...

Now here's my mom's booth. She's right next door to me and quite organized. See the difference... :)

Looking forward to getting it all squared away tomorrow and then posting those "after" pictures. See you then!