Saturday, March 29, 2014

Broken Email

Good morning and happy weekend! I'm dealing with some email malfunction at the moment - arghhhhhhh... I'm switching hosts, and it's not easy! Why isn't this easy??!! I just want to be sewing flowers! :) I expect this to be sorted out soon, but in the meantime please use my alternate email address - Or call anytime - 218-230-4801.

And on a happy note it's sunny outside, and here's some of what I'm working on when I can't stare at the computer any longer!

More of My Favorite Flowers did so well with flowers common to Alaska, the West, and here in the Midwest, that I'm working on a new wall hanging with flowers from the East coast. I did a little research and found that one of my favorite flowers, the violet, is the state flower in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Wisconsin! 

Man I have a lot of things in the works. Getting close to done with a lot of projects so look for several new patterns in April. Have an awesome weekend, everyone! Oh, and check out my Facebook page - just getting started with that as well but would love a LIKE!