Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daffodils & Violets

It's officially spring! Never mind that it's 12 degrees outside, SPRING IS HERE! I'm working on flowers, flowers, flowers. And I'm trying out some new ideas. Here I tried a look with no fabric borders - just the embroidered design on primitive muslin with a pretty yellow single-fold binding.

The single-fold binding is a great option for these smaller wall hangings. It's less bulky than a regular binding so it fits these little guys well. 

To single fold bind, place the right side of your binding on the ironing board with the wrong side facing up. Turn under ¼” and lightly press along the entire binding strip. This crease will assist you in turning under the edge more easily during the final step of binding. Align the unfolded edge of the binding with the straight quilt edge, right sides together, and secure with small pins. Sew the binding to the block as you normally would to complete. 

Daffodils and violets... Look for this pattern to be released in April!

This little tray holds all the must-haves of whatever project I'm working on. I found a set of these pretty serving trays at Grandma's Attic antique store in Bemidji, Minnesota, and they work so well for keeping my embroidery in one place!